The Wood Cellar Recommends PROTEGO

PROTEGO Wood Care Products offer unique solutions for surface finishing, cleaning and maintenance of interior and exterior wood work. All PROTEGO products complement each other and respect wood as a precious material, ensuring a healthy environment by not exposing it to harmful chemicals.


PROTEGO Wood Floor Soap is used for the regular cleaning of all oiled and oil/waxed floors. Natural Wood Floor Soap is used for natural oiled and waxed floors in dark wood species or color oiled wood floors.


PROTEGO softwood lyes prevent soft wood, i.e. pine, pitch pine, spruce, from going yellow and red, helping the wood surface to ripen and become uniform with a whitish, limed look.


PROTEGO oil products are environmentally friendly based on vegetable oils, iso paraffin solvent, and unleaded drying agents.


PROTEGO maintenace products are used for repair of UV-oiled floors, saturating the wood at the damaged areas and re-establishing a protective surface.
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