Planke by Sawyer+Southern

We are proud to present a wood flooring collection of extraordinary beauty and clean grades, crafted in wide widths, long lengths and finished with the finest of hardwax-oils, safe enough for childrens’ toys.

Sawyer + Southern’s PLANKE Collection features a clean, aesthetic grade of old growth European Oak and American Walnut, engineered for maximum stability and numerous indoor environments. OUR Oak is produced in a generous and consistent plank width of 8-5/8” by lengths of 7’3”, with a 6” width by 6’1” length for our Walnut.
All wood species and styles within the PLANKE wood flooring collection are developed and finished with NATURAL, OXIDATIVE PROTEGO hard-wax oils in three (3) protective coats. THIS METHOD eliminates the need for ‘re-coat’ immediately following installation – something which is necessary with other natural oil-finished brands.
Produced under a patented Danish formula, PROTEGO is a penetrating, hardening oil with all-natural ingredients and zero VOC. Its finish has superior protection against water-spotting and is so that it meets EN 71-3, a European child-safety standard ‘for use on toys’.
The core of the PLANKE wood flooring collection is divided into styles featuring European Oak in a brushed surface with a cerused appearance, alongside a second special style of European Oak that has been hand-torched, hand-brushed, and hand-sculpted in the manner of the Japanese technique of SHOU SUGI BAN. Completing our core collection is a luxurious specimen of lightly brushed American Walnut, which is rich and saturated.
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