Reclaimed & Antique Woods

The Wood Cellar’s Collection of reclaimed woods offers outstanding aged materials i.e. from old barnhouses, either in original or hand crafted condition. Reclaimed & antique woods give your decks, panels, and floors a rare, unique look of aged dignity.

The Wood Cellar has been involved in antique and reclaimed woods since it’s inception in 1993 and even before. The founder of The Wood Cellar, Stephen Perkins, began his long involvement in reclaimed in 1988 as a marketing director and manager of one of the first US antique, reclaimed wood companies, E.T. Moore, in Richmond, Virginia.
In fact, the inspiration for the name “Wood Cellar” was from what Perkins named their special, vintage, reserve collection in their Richmond warehouse – The Wood Cellar.
When Perkins started his firm in 1993, one of its primary focuses was on vintage, reclaimed woods, and that focus continues today.
Today, The Wood Cellar continues sourcing prized, vintage beams, joists, and decking from industrial, timber framed buildings from late 19th and early 20th Century to select customers in the US and Europe.
Plus we also focus on varied materials such as barn boards for flooring, wall boards, and furniture to untreated, vintage tropical railroad ties that are re-sized for wall coverings.
We are also representing and marketing reclaimed, antique European Oak products dating from the 19th Century.
The reclaimed, European Oak products are made in Germany.

The Wood Cellar’s Reclaimed & Antique Woods


Heart Pine and reclaimed oak are sourced from prime manufacturers for one of a kind beauty. Also, reclaimed barnwooods are available in a variety of different specifications. From species to character, we have a plethora of choices in reclaimed flooring.


Authentic heart pine as it is commonly called today is really older long leaf pine often salvaged from older structures, or reclaimed from rivers. It is characterized by extremely dense wood grain with tight growth ring counts compared to the pine that is commonly seen today.


A true representation of old Americana: Where once these old barns would deteriorate to rubble, today we can utilize their natural beauty for a variety of applications. The Wood Cellar has available stocks of various species and grades of reclaimed and recycled barnwood, and is available in solid and engineered products.


Paneling made from reclaimed woods comes with the unique look that only aged woods can offer. Functionally, paneling made from reclaimed woods does not shrink or widen, due to weather changes. The Wood Cellar also offers products coated with an all natural oil called “Invisible Oil” because it does not shift the aged color of the patina, preserving the aged gray and brown tones while providing a protective coating.
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